Born Ireland and raised in Southern California, Mahkenna had spent her early years learning and performing music for family and friends. Mahkenna spent her summers playing fastpitch softball and riding horses. She loves watching Disney channel and musicals and became fascinated by acting and performing on stage.

Mahkenna started Voice at age 5 years old under the direction of Francis Monachelli and now is being taught by one the the industries greatest vocal coaches Seth Riggs.

Mahkenna was excited to be in Beverly Hills at the John Casablanca School for Acting and Modeling where she has gained the experience from professionals in the business and is ready for her Hollywood career.

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    About The Author, Maria Amor

    Maria Leonora Carasco Torres aka Maria Amor was born and raised in the Philippines. She moved to United Sates in 2005 to pursue her career in Modeling. She then finished Fashion Designing & Merchandising course at Fashion Careers International in 2006. Currently, Maria Amor runs a non-profit organization called We Care For Humanity and has been producing charity events since.
    Maria Amor is presently residing in Woodland Hills, California.




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