Mine is Mine Haitian band,

Was born February 7, in 2012 Los Angeles California with good friends from 20 years. The 2 leaders of the group started music in the same band in Haiti in 1990 with “the Ram”. The separated in 1997 to follow professional career in USA. “Circumstances” crossed their path back in 2012 in Los Angeles during an event and Sylvain Jean-Louis and Andre Onito decided to recreate the band with a new name: Mine is Mine. Andre Onito left Miami to fly in Los Angeles and started a new life here with the incredible band, performing in several venues.

The group is composed by:

- Andre Onito, voice and lead guitar solo

- Sylvain Jean-Louis: lead vocal and guitar bass

- Robinson Dorvil: Guitar and voice

- Voltaire Karlinsky: Key Board

-Setoi Gelmail: Conga drums

- Benjamin Appiah: drums

“Freestyle” is a term that has lost its meaning in the modern hip-hop landscape. What once referred to genuine musical improvisation has become no more than a buzzword to disguise the mere rearrangement of previously written material. But all that is about to change. Today, the art of true freestyle hip-hop is alive and well in the ever spontaneous syllable and impromptu idiom that drops from the silver tongue of the Rhymatist.

The Rhymatist is Chris La Vrar a hip-hop renaissance man with the uncanny ability to conjure inspired, seemingly fully-formed lyrics from thin air, as if by magic. His incomparable skill at improvisation has earned him headlining spots at some of the world’s largest comedy festivals as well as the opportunity to perform with a roster of hip-hop and soul legends that includes Ice T, Kool Keith, Ludacris, Keith Sweat, Will Smith and Natalie Cole. Not to mention Chris was on Americas Got Talent season 7, 2012 and received a standing ovation from Howard Stern, Sharon Osbourne, Howie Mandel and the audience. The Rhymatist is a truly unique entertainer for all ages.  

Utilizing his ability to turn even the most random or routine object into the basis of an exciting and inventive freestyle creation, The Rhymatist has also branched out into commercial engagements. When a brand needs to distill its essence into a commercial spot that is simultaneously infectious, creative, and cutting-edge, the lyrical skills of the Rhymatist are quickly becoming a popular choice. MTV, Five Alarm Music,  K-Pop Soda, the Red Cross, Miller Beer, NBC, UPN and Telemundo are just a few of the companies who have contracted his services.

Never one to traffic in the expected, the Rhymatist ’s self-titled debut is a children’s hip-hop album that finds the artist using his emcee skills to empower and educate kids under the age of ten. Believing that a positive message for the youth was sorely lacking in the majority of hip-hop music, La Vrar has crafted a landmark record that uses the power of rhyme to educate, empower and entertain. 

Singer, songwriter, business woman and entertainment journalist are just a few things 18 year-old Natalie Kalamdaryan can add to her resume. This California native started a small website, (www.Natalieinterviews.com), at the mere age of fourteen, which soon turned into one of the largest teen interview websites on the web! Natalie has interviewed over two hundred celebrities, including Zac Efron, Ray Romano, Armie Hammer, Brian May, Kaley Cuoco, Ashley Tisdale and John Voight. Her work and interviews have been published in numerous media outlets including Teen Ink Magazine and Cambio.com.

Natalie has been writing music since the age of ten, and penned all the songs on her debut album Star Krossed. Natalie is currently performing all over Southern California, at venues such as the Infusion Lounge at Universal City Walk, and the Alex Theater in Glendale. She has also performed at numerous events including, the Planet Rehab “Hoedown” benefit, and the Save the Smiles benefit for St. Jude’s hospital. Regarding her performances, Natalie has been described as “an incredible performer with a powerful voice,” as well as “a joy to watch on stage with so much emotion and passion behind each note.”

Natalie, who was recently signed to an endorsment deal with Daisy Rock Guitars can be seen playing her Pink Pixie Acoustic Sparkle guitar on stage. “Along with singing, I also play the piano and the guitar, so it’s cool to incorporate those during my set. I love my Daisy Rock guitar because it’s so fun and girly, yet extremely impowering.”  Daisy Rock Guitars founder, Tish Ciravolo gives Natalie two thumbs up saying “Natalie is such a talent! She sings! She plays guitar! She interviews celebrities for her blog!”

Aside from running www.natalieinterviews.com, and writing and recording her music, Natalie recentely graduated from CHAMPS, a performing arts High School, where she was in the Music Academy. She was also accepted into and studied at Berklee College of Music’s prestigious summer program. Natalie has achieved so much in such a short amount of time, and with a busy year already planned, get ready to see more of Natalie in 2013.


Daisy Rock Guitar Article http://www.daisyrock.com/news/daisy-rock-girl-guitars-welcomes-natalie-kalamdaryan-its-artist-roster

Performing “Rumor Has It” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hP5gp4G-rOA

Performing “Give Your Heart a Break” http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=h81qcqMJYrI#!

Performing “Living in Your Fantasy”


Performing in St. Lucia http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Njra_TqLuCs

To Purchase a copy of STAR KROSSED:

Go to http://www.natalieinterviews.com/store.php

For more on Natalie check out:


Link to her single “He”:


Jasmine Kzlyan



Born on September 11, 1998, Melissa entered the world to make it her own.  She has made the world her stage, putting big smiles on all with her warm and soulful voice.  It's no wonder that this little girl turned into the charismatic, loving multi-talented singer, song-writer, dancer, actress, with a flair for theatrics that she is today.  At age two, Melissa was rocking and dancing while her peers were crying and hiding on stage.  At age six, she was performing solo pieces and modeling on TV morning shows. Winning talent category on Pretty Little Miss and Miss International. The next year Melissa got accepted into Vanderbuilt Blair School of Music children's chorus in Nashville, Tennessee, a highly acclaimed music school for gifted musicians and artists.  By age ten, she was performing with former Broadway stars in the Musical production ABBAsolutely Fabulous at the No Square Theater in Laguna Beach, despite the casting's director’s minimum age requirement of sixteen years old to audition. Noted for her "Unique", "Woody", and "Mature" voice by the Director Saif Eddin.  Melissa has since gone on to play various roles at the Camino Real Playhouse for The King and I (danced with an all adult cast) and the classic tale, Christmas Story. Melissa was drawn back to music when she was a finalist at OC Icon where she was noted for her "Believability and Star like quality" by the judges (Mark L. Walberg, host of Fox television’s “The Moment of Truth” and PBS’s “Antique Road Show”; Kye Brackett, Emmy Award-winning choreographer for Barry Manilow, and Grammy-nominated singer and Orange County native, Cassie Miller; and Suzy Sachs, talent development executive credited with launching the careers of Brendan Fraser and Hilary Swank. Nelson Coats, production designer of movie “Last Song”, pointed out the remarkable similar qualities between Melissa and Miley Cyrus.

In addition to her musical talent, Melissa is an aspiring actress, an expert stand-up paddle boarder, advanced Ashtanga Yoga practitioner, horseback rider, boxer.  She also participates on her high school competition dance team.  Melissa is also an excellent student who has continued to receive Superintendent awards for Academic Excellence and maintaining a 4.0 GPA while taking all accelerated classes.

Melissa has performed many venues in Nashville, TN and along the southern coast of California, including Ingram Hall, Carpenter Center and Coach House. She has been successfully lead her groups or bands to headline many charity events, including Cancer Relay, raise fund for Liver Walk and sent toys and  her autography to LA Children's hospital etc. She spend Christmas season singing with kids with Autism......

No matter it is to sing with legendary bands or free charity events, Melissa is always noted by her stage presence and confidence at such a young age! “They are all amazing singer and dancer! But when Melissa sings and dances, she makes me happy and moved” said by many.

For Melissa, that is all she wants to do, to put a smile on her fan's face one by one.....

Since their arrival on the pop/R&B circuit, BitterSweet & The BoyZ has
become one of Southern California’s most talked‑about new groups. With new hits Be With Me and Girls Night Out, it isn’t difficult to imagine why their first album is hotly anticipated in mid 2013.

Together, the two young ladies and three young men who comprise BitterSweet & The BpoyZ share one thing in common:    their love of music and performing. Each of the five members  became acclimated to the stage early in life, mastering their craft of singing, dancing and performing.  Their cultural differences bring the group a unique, diverse persona.

BitterSweet’s lead singers Lea 16  and GiGi 16, with The BoyZ, dancers Chez, Jeff and Sonari have a unique chemistry that is driven by their dedication and long hours of rehearsal and fused with their strong friendship and sense of family with each other. Audiences are electrified by their energy and kinetic chemistry. Off stage, they are all best friends, spending their time rehearsing, going to the movies, and helping each other with homework!

BitterSweet is currently in the studio working on their debut album, Settle for More, produced by RunDMC Productions, under their manager, JayPugh of RK Records/Management in collaboration with LRT/Ingrooves-Fontana/Universal. The first single release from the album is available on iTunes and in over 52 countries titled “Be With Me” with the full album to be available in Mid 2013.

Welcome to the World Famous House of Champions, Academy of Martial Arts. At HOC our goal is not only to make champions of the ring, but champions of the heart. Our martial arts academy, located in the heart of the San Fernando Valley, is like no other in Los Angeles.

Students of all ages and abilities can choose from a wide variety of courses and instruction that will not only empower – but will keep you fit and healthy. Members are encouraged to take as many classes and styles as they choose, making HOC’s students the most well-rounded and highly-trained in the world.

My name is Geraldine de Fretes Williams , I was born in Jakarta Indonesia, When I was a little girl I used to sing gospel songs at the church.In america I sing gospel songs as well at the church, and I am one of The Worship Leaders at House of Glory Assembly of God,Covina. I love to serve others,to me GOD created us as a blessing to bless others,and I do this best by singing gospel songs and share God's Love with others,

Isaac is a musical entertainer and an actor. He performs regularly at private parties, private events, birthdays, Bar Mitzvahs and senior living centers.

His repertoire includes Standards, Classical, International and Ethnic music, Pop, and Broadway  show tunes. He encourages audience to sing-along and dance.

Athena Talin Katalaris was born to an Greek-Armenian father Kostantin Katalaris and an Lebanese-Armenian mother Maro Nercessian. Athena has twin brothers, Nikolas Jack Katalaris and Kristopher Koco Katalaris. Athena has appeared in feature films, short films, television shows, web series commercials, music videos and is a model. She loves to sing, play volleyball and soccer. She has helped out at charity events.

Laci Kay is a singer, songwriter actress who has performed at many venues in the LA area.  She has been seen at the Infusion Lounge at Universal Citywalk, The Federal, Naya on Sunset, The Varsity LA and Celebrity Center to name a few.

She is working with 7 Time Grammy Nominated Producer Haskel Jackson from Genesoul Productions and has some great Pop video Covers on YouTube (http://bit.ly/LaciKayOfficial) They are working on getting her originals out soon! 

 When she is not working on her music or filming; she is very involved in several charities.  She is the TX president of Kids Against Animal Cruelty (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Kids-Against-Animal-Cruelty-Texas-Chapter/503762916332599?ref=hl) and is excited to recently have been appointed as Hollywood Youth Ambassador for the Reading , Writing, It's Exciting Organization (http://rweprogram.org/site/)

    We Care For Humanity

    About The Author, Maria Amor

    Maria Leonora Carasco Torres aka Maria Amor was born and raised in the Philippines. She moved to United Sates in 2005 to pursue her career in Modeling. She then finished Fashion Designing & Merchandising course at Fashion Careers International in 2006. Currently, Maria Amor runs a non-profit organization called We Care For Humanity and has been producing charity events since.
    Maria Amor is presently residing in Woodland Hills, California.




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