“Freestyle” is a term that has lost its meaning in the modern hip-hop landscape. What once referred to genuine musical improvisation has become no more than a buzzword to disguise the mere rearrangement of previously written material. But all that is about to change. Today, the art of true freestyle hip-hop is alive and well in the ever spontaneous syllable and impromptu idiom that drops from the silver tongue of the Rhymatist.

The Rhymatist is Chris La Vrar a hip-hop renaissance man with the uncanny ability to conjure inspired, seemingly fully-formed lyrics from thin air, as if by magic. His incomparable skill at improvisation has earned him headlining spots at some of the world’s largest comedy festivals as well as the opportunity to perform with a roster of hip-hop and soul legends that includes Ice T, Kool Keith, Ludacris, Keith Sweat, Will Smith and Natalie Cole. Not to mention Chris was on Americas Got Talent season 7, 2012 and received a standing ovation from Howard Stern, Sharon Osbourne, Howie Mandel and the audience. The Rhymatist is a truly unique entertainer for all ages.  

Utilizing his ability to turn even the most random or routine object into the basis of an exciting and inventive freestyle creation, The Rhymatist has also branched out into commercial engagements. When a brand needs to distill its essence into a commercial spot that is simultaneously infectious, creative, and cutting-edge, the lyrical skills of the Rhymatist are quickly becoming a popular choice. MTV, Five Alarm Music,  K-Pop Soda, the Red Cross, Miller Beer, NBC, UPN and Telemundo are just a few of the companies who have contracted his services.

Never one to traffic in the expected, the Rhymatist ’s self-titled debut is a children’s hip-hop album that finds the artist using his emcee skills to empower and educate kids under the age of ten. Believing that a positive message for the youth was sorely lacking in the majority of hip-hop music, La Vrar has crafted a landmark record that uses the power of rhyme to educate, empower and entertain. 

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