Born Ireland and raised in Southern California, Mahkenna had spent her early years learning and performing music for family and friends. Mahkenna spent her summers playing fastpitch softball and riding horses. She loves watching Disney channel and musicals and became fascinated by acting and performing on stage.

Mahkenna started Voice at age 5 years old under the direction of Francis Monachelli and now is being taught by one the the industries greatest vocal coaches Seth Riggs.

Mahkenna was excited to be in Beverly Hills at the John Casablanca School for Acting and Modeling where she has gained the experience from professionals in the business and is ready for her Hollywood career.

Dear precious performers/bands,

First, I would like to thank you for your valuable contribution to Concert To Feed The Homeless event which will greatly bring inspiration and happiness to the underprivileged homeless; men, women and children of San Fernando Valley. This is also a  Mother’s Day Presentation so your performance is of great significance.

And, may I mention that personally, you are giving me a birthday gift because this is also a “Maria Amor birthday celebration”! A little shout-out for my birthday on stage would be greatly appreciated. 

 Because of your wonderful contribution,  each and everyone of you will receive Certificate of Appreciation signed by the two charitable organizations namely We Care For Humanity and Hope of The Valley.

We treasure you that’s why we are including you in our Souvenir Program where you will share pages with our valued Mayor Villaraigosa and other important figures in the political, entertainment, business and philantrophy arena.


Program of The Event:

 You can download the program at the event, see attachment below:


1.       Performers/Groups

  • Performers are requested to arrive at 9:30am and go straight to 
Call# 310-289-2124
Text: 917-932-2192
  • Your are to give your CD to Hayavi Moradi and wait for further instructions
  • If you can’t make it at 9:30am, arrive at least 1 hour before your performance and you must submit your CD ahead of time(at least 1 day before)  to Hayavi Moradi
2.       Band
  • All bands are requested to arrive at 9:30 am with exception of K’SANDRA who is the first act and will set-up at 9am. You are to go straight to:
Call# 310-289-2124
Text: 917-932-2192

  • If you can’t make it at 9:30am, arrive at least 2 hour before your performance

Note: If you are not around when your name is called to perform, your performance is automatically cancelled.


1.       All performers and bands are performing on stage with the exception of the Fitness & Martial arts Demonstrators such as TETADA & House of Champions who are performing below the stage.

2.       Individual Performer /groups can perform 1 to 2 acts for maximum 10 minutes only. That includes your intro, shout-outs, etc.

3.       A band is has 12 minutes to perform, that includes positioning, intro, shot-outs, etc.

4.       A band has set-up time so follow instructions carefully that are indicated at the program

Note: Please do not exceed more than the given time for you as you will cause delay and for other performers/bands not able to perform. We are ending the event at 4pm, no matter what.

Track/Music for Performers:

1.       You are required to bring your music on a CD.

2.       Label the CD with your name and the track numbers

Length of stay:

Everyone is requested to stay until the end (4pm) as we have awarding of certificates at the end of the show.

What will you do before and after your performance or on your FREE time during the event?

1.       You can volunteer. Approach any volunteer and ask what you can help with.

2.       You can approach and inspire any homeless men, women or children

3.       You can do photo op at the Red Carpet with homeless people


1.       Free & Available at the site but first come first served

2.       Street Parking is free

Food & Drinks:

1.       Food and water are available courtesy of  Donors & Volunteers

2.       We also encourage you to donate food if you can or bring your own to contribute to the whole purpose of the event.


1.       Promote the event rigorously from now on until the event

2.       Encourage people to come Volunteer or Donate


1.       Please don’t forget to be photographed doing “We Care For Humanity sign" which are two hands making a heart sign, please refer to the logo of WCH.

2.       When you are interviewed you are to give your own version of “WE CARE FOR HUMANITY song” just the words “we care for humanity”, add your hymm, melody, harmony, etc.

3.       Please don’t forget to give a shout-out to Maria Amor for her birthday

4.       Also give a shout-out to the mothers for Mother’s Day

5.       Shout –out to WCH and Hope of The Valley for Concert To Feed The Homeless


1.       It is a SPECIAL REQUEST that you end your peformance with “We Care For Humanity song”.  All this will be filmed and documented so we ask for everyone’s cooperation.

SOUVENIR PROGRAM: (This is optional only, you are not required to buy)

1.       One of your  benefits as a performer is your inclusion in the Souvenir Program (1/5 page)

2.       However, WCH is giving you a 50% DISCOUNT if you want to purchase a full page or half page! 

  • This is a good opportunity for you to advertise yourself/cd/album/upcoming rpoject
  • The Souvenir program content will be the following:
                                                              i.      Mayor Villaraigosa’s message
                                                             ii.      Congresswoman Judy Chu’s message
                                                            iii.      Ken Craft, Hope of The Valley, Presdent’s message
                                                           iv.      Maria Amor, WCH Founder’s message
                                                             v.      VIP & Celebrities
                                                           vi.      Sponsors
                                                          vii.      Performers
                                                       viii.      YOUR AD!
3.       Please send your ad to mariaamor@wecareforhumanity.org

4.       For payment:

Write Check to
5530 Owensmouth Ave. Unit 228, Woodland Hills, CA 91367

OR Send Money via Paypal at admin@exotifitforhumanity.org

5.       Price of ad space

1 Full page (50% discount)- $150

½ page (50% discount)- $75

Thank you so much for your support and I'm looking forward to seeing you all at the event!

Sincerely yours,
Maria Amor
We Care For Humanity

CONCERT PROGRAM (subject to change)

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Looks who's the youngest sponsor of Concert To Feed The Homeless? And I thought most kids at 10 years old would be busy playing around with toys rather than thinking how to make a difference.. But Nabil Rao is different, instead of throwing a children's party or asking for a new toy, he asked his Dad, G.O.D. Nominee for Journalism Award, Nasir Rao to help feed the homeless, donate and contribute to our upcoming event on May 11, 2013.

WCH says, "great call Nabil!", we commend your humanitarian attributes at very young age, therefore, we will throw a party for you at Concert To Feed The Homeless!

Nabil Rao,  a young 10 year old athlete (Basketball player) plays for WC bulls and a rising upcoming star. He wants to start working in the entertainment industry. This Handsome and talented boy with a very soft heart supports different charity events. He has 2 projects in the pipeline for upcoming movies.


Michel production is the official Video Team of Concert To Feed The Homeless.

Formed at the turn of the century, Michel Productions started as a community-oriented, family-owned, video production business. We shoot weddings, music videos, documentaries and school events including charity functions. Michel Productions also assists and promotes L.A.'s underground talent. And in recent years, Michel Productions has worked with the National Hot Rod Association[N.H.R.A.] to facilitate responsible legal racing in an effort to reduce illegal drag racing on our streets. Michel Productions continues to do its part to help the ever-expanding homeless population in our communities.

Jesse JaM Miranda
(310) 733-6269
We Care For Humanity to present “Concert to Feed the Homeless”
In collaboration with Hope of the Valley, musicians and VIP’s combine to assist local homeless, as well as Philippine dumpsite community known as Abatex.

April 8, 2013 (Hollywood, CA) – We Care for Humanity will present “Concert to Feed the Homeless” at the Hope of the Valley Rescue Mission in Sun Valley, CA on May 11, 2013. WCH humanitarian, Maria Amor, leads a cadre of performers to entertain the crowd, featuring artists such as Funkalicious, Mine is Mine, Chris La Vrar, Jon Benton MacKinder, K’Sandra, Isaac Hanna, Miss Lela Brown, Laci Kay, Athena Katalaris, Bittersweet, Geraldine de Fretes Williams, Melissa Lee Diehl, Natalie Kalamdaryan, The POK Band, Tetada Indonesia, Mother’s Movement, Brett Hunt, Aaryn Rose, Katelyn Hilario, and Olivia Jean Leigh Jensen, while philanthropic rolemodels Em Roberts, Sean Delon, Princess Harakawa, and Jesse JaM Miranda will act as celebrity hosts.
Abatex is a dumpsite community located in Montalban, Rizal Philippines where about 100 families are squatting for more than a decade. The community's source of income is mainly filtering the garbage for recyclable materials.  Yearly, We Care for Humanity visits this community twice a year to help transform their surrounding into a more livable, comfortable and sustainable community.
The vision of Hope of the Valley is to attract people and resources to assist in the effort of meeting the needs of every hungry and homeless man, woman and child in the valley. Through strategic partnerships and services, it empowers its clients with the faith, knowledge, resources and skills to lead a life of wholeness and self-sufficiency.

Food, clothing, blankets and other like donations are welcome, and along with attending city officials and political candidates, several fitness demonstrations and a beauty & health fair will also be presented to the public.
More information is available at http://concerttofeed.wecareforhumanity.org/


Founded in 2011, WE CARE FOR THE HUMANITY, formerly known as Exotifit For Humanity, is a non-profit organization (501C3) which aims to promote the development of friendly relations between nations as foundation of freedom, justice, and peace of the world by shaping humanity through health, fitness, wellness, beauty, culture and arts.

About the Author:
Jesse JaM Miranda is a professional actor, photographer, videographer and marketing/public relations specialist. He has met celebrities Tom Cruise, Heath Ledger, John Travolta, Denzel Washington, Uma Thurman, Lou Diamond Phillips, Anne Hathaway, Kelly Preston, David Carradine, Tia Carrere, Johnny Knoxville, Bai Ling, Christopher McDonald, Powers Booth, David Boreanaz, Black Eyed Peas, Nia Peeples, Adam Levine, Simon Cowell, Mike Myers, Cedric The Entertainer, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, and many others.

     This Inspiring Band has been together for about 2 years, home base Los Angeles California. Perfectlyonkey otherwise known as POK!!! consist of lead guitar: Allan, rhythm guitar: Chris, bass guitar Caleb, Drums: Colby, keyboards: Justin, Violin: Ronald and Keyboard (piano): Glenn. Together this band has created original music consisting of a unique mixture of sounds, with a flavour that will have you grooven for more. POK!!! has performed for various events throughout the city such as Bring Hollywood Home.org and has also audition for Americas Got Talent. POK!!! a Band with a Dynamic sound and style will keep you inspired. 


Tetada means “Treatment with Inner Energy”.  It’s a traditional Indonesian sport.  Tetada started around 500 years ago in East Java, Indonesia and was the exclusive practice of one family.  In 1991, the decendents of this family decided that it was time to share some of their knowledge to the world, concentrating in the healing aspect. This sport is primarily a healing method by increasing our energy level through regular exercises.  The methods of exercise in Tetada are: Movement, Breathing, Concentration, Relaxation and Synchronization.  Tetada can be learned and used by everyone.

I'm first and foremost a Geek, I love gaming, movies, cons, SCA, and all around geek stuff."

Brett Hunt was born in Denver, Colorado and grew up like most kids, playing and hanging out with friends. However it was abundantly clear that at an early age he was going to be in show business. His grandmother signed him up to be on a local TV show "Blinkey's Fun Club" with local hero, Blinkey the clown; at the age of 6 and Brett was the center of the show. His fascination with entertainment kept building and he would lip-sync with his friends for family and just about anyone who listened, usually making a big production from it. It was at the age of 10 that Brett discovered magic from a local magic shop and he would go there every day after school and watch and learn, he also landed a role on 2 local commercials.  By the age of 13 Brett was performing and at the age of 14 was working his own magic shows and being paid. Throughout school Brett would take theatre and music classes, he would tryout and land roles with the local school theatre groups and continued both local print & TV commercial  work.

Brett decided he needed to see more of what the world had to offer and made the choice at the age of 17 to enlist into the US Navy and immediately went overseas to Japan. Brett served in the first Gulf War on board the flagship USS Midway. While in Japan he continued to perform magic and performed in the local theatre group. In 1992, he was signed to do his first World Magic Illusion Tour through Hong Kong, Thailand, Korea and Japan. After the military Brett kept learning new things to keep his mind sharp he became a Firefighter/EMT with a local fire department. In 2001, Brett's life changed when he was called up to serve his country once again he did two tours, one of those which lead him back to the Middle East for the second Gulf War. Being already a veteran he would do stand-up comedy & magic for fellow soldiers to take all their minds off the tension.

After his final tour Brett decided to become a reserve police officer and pursue a different path. Brett eventually decided that public service was not his passion and followed yet a different path. In 2004, Brett began working at Microsoft and started back at school to learn movie production. Brett teamed up with his best friend Robert and started full swing into entertainment again when they decided to start "The Popcorn Review." TPR became a fast hit and had a fan base of upwards of 1 million people just from the "MySpace" site alone, it spun off a weekly radio show along with four syndication partners. In 2006, Brett, Robert and their personal assistant Teresa decided to move to L.A. and live the Hollywood dream.

Brett has since been a working actor and producer in L.A.

~Brett is a highly decorated veteran who has served our country with the military; he served in both the US Navy and the US Army, (Surface, Air, Sub, and Special Ops) (He served in both Gulf Wars in 90-91 & again in 02-04).

~He has been an Entrepreneur, with a wide range of successful businesses, Retail Stores (Fantasy Realm & Game Stop), Entertainment- Hollywood (Actor, Producer, Comedian), Digital Media companies (The Popcorn Review, Quantum 34 Productions & Raging Gopher Productions), Banking & Finance (Alliance Financial Solutions, LLC, Quantum Transactions & Pacific National Bankcard), and Motivational and Coaching (Empowerment Inc).

~He has served as a Firefighter-EMT with Jefferson County Fire Department.

~He has traveled all over the world, visiting 21 countries, and took residence in Japan for 4 years.

~Brett is a working Actor, Comedian, Rapper, and Producer in Los Angeles, CA.

~A former adjunct college professor, teaching business of Film & Video with an emphasis on digital media.

~He has toured & lectured all over the country performing his own unique style of entertainment.

~He knows 2 languages (English & Japanese) and he is currently learning 2 more (Italian & German).

All this has made Brett the person he is today, and he has made it his life’s mission to use these experiences to bring laughter, music, and his own unique talents in order to  help people overcome challenges that they may now face.

Brett currently holds - BS in Business,  Masters in Finance, PhD in Metaphysics, and an honorary Doctorate of Divinity.  He is a Certified Master Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP, Certified Life Coach, Certified EFT Trainer, as well as an Ordained Minister.

Brett currently resides in Los Angeles, CA.

9 year old blues singer Aaryn Rose is already a seasoned singer-songwriter. Aaryn began performing at 3. She sings with a charity group Nu Skool sings Old Skool and has performed at some of LA's venues,The Mint,TheJ oint and The Queen Mary just to name a few. Aaryn recently appeared on Fox Channel 11  News where she was dubbed The Next American Idol?. 

Aaryn is also in a band at The Guitar Center Studio. Aaryn loves to give back to the community and help raise money for those who need it including St Judes Hospital! 

Her dream is that she will be a successful vocalist when she grows up and she will be able to help those who need help to include building an animal rescue!

    We Care For Humanity

    About The Author, Maria Amor

    Maria Leonora Carasco Torres aka Maria Amor was born and raised in the Philippines. She moved to United Sates in 2005 to pursue her career in Modeling. She then finished Fashion Designing & Merchandising course at Fashion Careers International in 2006. Currently, Maria Amor runs a non-profit organization called We Care For Humanity and has been producing charity events since.
    Maria Amor is presently residing in Woodland Hills, California.




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